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Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]


December 30th, 2005 (01:33 am)

This is a test post from Photobucket.com

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Temp Panther Pride

November 12th, 2005 (11:58 am)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: bored
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Johnny Falls" by Hedley

Wanna watch the Fossil Ridge Panthers play in their first playoff game in five years but can't make it to Texas Stadium today?


The game is broadcast live on the internet starting at 2:30pm (central).

Enjoy and Go Panthers!

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Sadness

October 25th, 2005 (04:28 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: sad
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "When You Believe" by Daryl Brunt

I feel replaced by, well, everyone.

I know this is not true, but it's just the way I feel.

I've been hurt today by one person in particular more than I have ever been hurt by someone in my entire life.

And here's the sad thing, I NEVER thought this person would be the one to do it.

Fuck you.

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The HELL NO!

October 24th, 2005 (05:42 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: aggravated
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears

Proposition 2 on the statewide ballot next month would prevent state judges from overturning current law banning gay marriage. Given that state judges in Texas are elected, and therefore answerable to the people, the chances of a judge doing so are about as good as the Texas Supreme Court outlawing barbecue, so this proposed amendment essentially uses a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito.

Still, if that were all Proposition 2 did, it might be easier to support.

But Proposition 2 goes beyond protecting the definition of marriage. The real impact of Proposition 2 will be to throw into question the legality of other sorts of contracts affecting gay Texans, many of them widely supported by society as a whole.

It is for this reason that I recommend a "no" vote on Proposition 2.

The first part of the proposed constitutional amendment says that marriage "consists only of the union of one man and one woman." Fair enough. That's already state law and has been since the state Legislature adopted the Defense of Marriage Act in 2003.

The second part of the proposed amendment prohibits "any legal status identical or similar to marriage." This would seem to undermine the ability of gay couples to enter into any partnership whose benefits stem from a recognized relationship. This is a problem.

A big problem.

Dallas and Travis counties provide certain health benefits to the partners and families of gay workers. So do hundreds of jurisdictions elsewhere in Texas and across the country. An amendment outlawing "any legal status ... similar to marriage" seems to subject these benefit plans to legal challenge. For what gain?

Proponents of this amendment argue that it won't affect private contracts between gays, and they cite language that was part of the resolution referring this issue to the ballot as proof that the intent behind the amendment isn't to undermine private contracts. But that language doesn't appear on the ballot. (The sorts of contracts we're referring to include arrangements to assure gays visitation rights when a partner is hospitalized, the ability to make the same sort of health care decisions for incapacitated partners as married partners, etc.)

In fact, the state House expressly rejected an effort to clarify the amendment's effect on private contracts when it voted 96-44 earlier this year against including on the ballot a provision stating that the amendment "may not be construed to prohibit the recognition of any contractual relationship currently available."

We doubt most Texans want to make it more difficult for gays to visit loved ones in the hospital or the like. These and other private contracts are already largely accepted by society – and even considered good for business. Thirty-eight of the Fortune 50 companies offer benefits to same-sex couples. Four of North Texas' largest private employers added domestic partner benefits last year.

Proponents say Proposition 2 is about protecting marriage and promoting family values. That may be, at least in their minds, but the unavoidable fact is that this amendment would make it significantly more difficult for gays to protect the health and well-being of their loved ones.

Why on earth deny to these men and women, not special privileges, but ordinary human decencies?

I recommend a "no" vote.

"The constitutional amendment providing that marriage in this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage ."

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Hug

October 16th, 2005 (06:07 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: cheerful
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" by Kimberley Locke

I was doing some surfing around this amazing little thing we call the internet and found a few old sites I once had running. On one of them, I found my award-winning poem from 8th grade called "Hugs".

It came in third in the HBO Family Channel's Express Your Heart campaign.

Here's a link proving it! http://www.hbofamily.com/eyh/eyh_written.html

And here's the poem:

There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

A hug's a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you 'cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care;
From your Grandma to your neighbor,
Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing.
It's just the perfect way
To show the love you're feeling
But can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a simple hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It's always understood.

And hugs don't need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts.
Just open up your arms
And open up your hearts.

--March 13, 2002

Enclosed below is the letter I received with my prize from the contest.
Read more...Collapse )

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Latest Kimberley News

October 13th, 2005 (06:29 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: excited
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Portland Oregon" by Loretta Lynn and Jack White

Kimmie-Kim-Kim made an appearance signing autographs in DC with fellow YouthAIDS spokesperson, Ashley Judd. Here's a couple of shots.

We all know Kim was the national spokesmodel for Lane Bryant's Seven7 jeans line. Well, get this! Lane Bryant has officially made her the exclusive national spokesmodel for the entire Lane Bryant company!!! They are also planning a lingerie line just for her. Good name: "Behind Locked Doors".

Check Out Pics Of Kimberley Locke's Fall Lane Bryant ShotsCollapse ) KIM IS DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS IN THESE SHOTS!

Check Out Pics Of Kimberley Locke At A Private EventCollapse ) LOVELY KIMMIE!

Check Out Pics Of Kimberley Locke Performing At A Human Rights Campaign BenefitCollapse ) SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL HERE, TOO!!!

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Top Three

October 3rd, 2005 (08:36 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: busy
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Sugar, We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boy

CHICK-A-BABE IDOL 3 is back!

Here's the link for the top three episode!


Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Battle For America

October 2nd, 2005 (08:20 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: hot
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Attack" by 30 Seconds To Mars

Hello, friends, family, comrades,
rebels, insurgents, refugees,
exiles, ex-patriots,
people in hiding,
and all the ships at sea.
I've debated on whether or not I should say this.
I wondered if it would do any good.

I have profound fears for the future;
deep anger and sadness for my country.
Our country.
Our country that's been stolen away from us.
Captured by those who traffic fear
and hatred and bigotry and poison.
I feel like we're lost in the forest right now.
We're down the rabbit hole and there's no end in sight.

I know you all feel the same sentiments.
The rage against the unanswerable abyss;
the terror of what lies ahead;
the confusion of what this nation has become.
I will not attempt to glide over the monumental disaster
that was this election.
There's no silver lining.
There's no redemption.
The illusion of hope in this last year
has been mercilessly stripped away.

The monster we face is now unleashed.
And free to wreak havoc
and spill the blood of the innocent.
We're in a dark place...
perhaps the darkest place.
Unable to even conceive the idea of light.
But we have been in such midnight moments before.

We have been in the pits of Vietnam
and the hanging trees of Jim Crow.
We have despaired on the cottonfields of Mississippi
and the bread lines of the depression.
We've been beaten down by crooked cops
and pushed around by factory bosses.
And terrorized by the Klan
and the fascists and the Nazis
and cheating politicians and wicked masters.

We have never surrendered.
We have never weakened or wavered.
Did we surrender at Kent State? Jackson State?
Did we surrender at hay-markets?
In the textiles mills of Pennsylvania?
In the coal mines of Colorado?
In the meatpacking plants of Chicago?
At the "pro-choice" rallies?
At the "equal rights for women" marches?
At the anti-war demonstrations?
At the strikes? The walkouts?
At the bus boycotts?


Remember we have history on our side.
We have the march for progress.
The struggle for what is right;
and good; and pure;
and free; and equal;
and just; and beautiful.

We have the raised fist of every fighter.
We have the power of the powerless.
We have the moral clarity of the dispossessed.
We are the heart and soul
of the struggle and battle that never ends.

Look to the heroes.
We are the inheritors of a proud past
populated by giants; heroes;
artists; revolutionaries;
thinkers; believers in mankind;
defenders of the oppressed.

We have the pen of Walt Whitman, Hemingway;
the determination of Cesar Chavez;
the faith of Martin and Malcolm;
the beauty of Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington;
the strength of Roosevelt and Kennedy;
the joy of Mark Twain.

The history of America
has been written by us.
It does not belong to fear mongers,
the puppeteers, the rich, the greedy;
the theocrats, and the mullahs.

They twist the constitution
but we make it straight.
They wrap themselves in the flag.
We fight for the freedoms,
not the fabric.
They shout out their pledges of allegiance
but we do the dirty work of democracy.
They claim to represent the real America
but we are the keepers of the tree of liberty.

It ain't over yet folks.
Not by a long shot.
So, cry a few tears.
And bang against the walls.
And scream it to the wind.
Then collect yourself.

Get back to work.
It's time to punch the clock.

The battle for America has begun.

This was taken from an amazingly haunting short film about the world we live in. It was directed by Alrick Brown.

To watch the film, check out TheBattleForAmerica.com.

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One WIth The End Of My Summer

September 21st, 2005 (06:46 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: blank
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Back In Sunshine" by Evan Farmer

Well, well, well. BIG BROTHER 6 has come to an end. I miss it already. I'm having genuine withdrawals. Maggie came out victorious, sadly. Here's how the vote went down:

Ashlea Evans did not make the jury, being the first evicted.
Michael Donnellan did not make the jury, being the second evicted.
Eric Littmann (aka "Crappy") did not make the jury, being the third evicted.
Kaysar Ridha (aka "King Kaysar") did not make the jury, being the fourth and sixth evicted.
Sarah Hrejsa did not make the jury, being the fifth evicted.
Jennifer Vasquez (aka "J-Blo") voted for Maggie to win the game.
Rachel Plencner voted for Maggie to win the game.
James Rhine voted for Ivette to win the game.
Beau Beasley (aka "Waste Of Human Flesh") voted for Ivette to win the game.
Howie Gordon (aka "Hurricane Howie") voted for Maggie to win the game.
April Lewis (aka "Apeshit" or "Busto") voted for Maggie to win the game.
Janelle Pierzina (aka "Janey Doll") voted for Ivette to win the game.
Ivette Corredero (aka "Evilette") came in 2nd, winning $50,000.
Maggie Ausburn (aka "Maggot") won BIG BROTHER 6 by a 4-3 vote and took home the $500,000 prize.

Congratulations to everyone at CBS/AA/Endemol and BB6 for a great season!

Please check out my video tribute to the eight good players from BB6:
Ashlea, Michael, Kaysar, Sarah, Rachel, James, Howie, and Janelle! (only 2.5 minutes long)

Jesse Colin Bice [userpic]

The One With The Disgusting Sandwich

September 20th, 2005 (06:34 pm)

What I'm Feeling At The Moment: calm
What I'm Listening To At The Moment: "Cold Hearted Skank" by Marzipan

Good evening. Today is a lovely day indeed...and here's how it went down.

Before School - Cafeteria
As usual, Jordan and I arrive hoping to avoid Sarah as much as humanly possible. Usually it works, I think she may be catching on! 7am rolls around and I'm off to the [breakfast] line to purchase my usual brownie and water. Although, this time, it was a real splurge! Jordan came with! To by Zebra Cake-like things, which I also got in addition to my brownie and water goodness. Taylor made his usual appearance and delighted us with his hot-as-hell pants. Seriously, I wanted to rip them off and frame them. They were hot. Bree also stopped by. She's under the slight impression that we don't want her there. Well, we don't but, I love her. She's a great kid and means no harm, so I tell her she is more than welcome to sit with me. I love the damn kid! Well, 7:20 rolls around and WE'RE OFF!

First Period - Concert Choir
Is it weird that I'm falling in love with my teacher? Yes? Oh well, then. Moving on. You know, choir is pretty much choir. Our songs are CHING A RING CHAW and ALL YE WHO MUSIC LOVE. The guys have a song called SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY, which is quite the beautiful song. I love it.

Second Period - Recordkeeping
Aside from the fact that I'm about to kill Ms Ely for lying to me and my mom, I had a pretty good time. Chris and I do our usual flirting. It's really quite fun. Rhiannon delighted me with her presence. Nick annoyed the living shit out of me. You see, every time he has nothing to say, he says "Don't be so violent, guys". I'm about to kick his ass. Ugh. About done here.

Third Period - US History
Let's skip to after school, huh?

After School - Subway, McDonalds, Starbucks, Albertson's
Lerin has emblazoned her brand on our lovely day. I enjoy the broad. Really a quality hoot, compared to the average hoot. We went to McDonalds to get Lerin some food, then Subway for Jo and I. I get what Jordan calls "disgusting", completely to my delight. It's the Club on Italian bread. Lettuce, pickles, black olives, American cheese, and ranch. God I love it. We had our fun there. Then it was over to Starbucks, Jordan got herself a Passion Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade. Quite tasty. We chitted and chatted about cell phones, love, and other things of interest to material teens such as our selves. Meh. Over to Albertson's! Jordan needed some makeup. Hmm...why do I feel 100% comfortable with that. Most guys are only about 68.3% on board with that. Interesting. Lauren was there manhandling the self-checkout nonsense. I think that bitch has something up her sleeve. Stay tuned.

My summer officially comes to a close tonight with the finale of BIG BROTHER 6. It's down to two pieces of worthless shit knows as Ivette (aka "Evilette") and Maggie (aka "Maggot"). I was rooting for Maggot, but my mind has changed. I'm worried that some of her prize money may be given to her partner, Crappy. I don't want that to happen. So, Ivette should win. Sad, yes. Standable, hardly. My Janey Doll--Janelle--came in third, which is a real shame. I loved her so incredibly much! Here's to you, Janey!

Janelle "Janey Doll" Perzina

Pat Robertson on Sunday said that Hurricane Katrina was God’s way of expressing its anger at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for its selection of Ellen Degeneres to host this year’s Emmy Awards. "By choosing an avowed lesbian for this national event, these Hollywood elites have clearly invited God’s wrath,"..."America is waiting for her to apologize for the death and destruction that her sexual deviance has brought onto this great nation."

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